Bi-Electrical Safety Barriers - Solve the Problem of Dark Areas

Update: 2021/05/21

The new Solar Barrier Light offers unobtrusive performa […]

The new Solar Barrier Light offers unobtrusive performance for your roadside project. Unlike traditional barricade light fixtures, solar power enables lights to be practically maintenance free for as long as three years without the need to remove problematic non-working lights or replace expensive rechargeable batteries... Solar Barrier Lights is also safer than traditional lighting, as well as more cost effective. They do not require pesky wires and cords that are prone to being cut or broken, and they are highly visible and safe from the road. In addition, the Solar Barrier Light is a low voltage lantern that is both strong and bright.

Solar Barrier Lights comes equipped with a two-year warranty and comes standard in eight feet high, twelve feet wide, and twenty-four foot tall light fixtures. Depending on your location, there are a multitude of different configurations you can choose from. You can install these lights as far down on the road as fifteen feet, or as high as twenty-five feet. If you are installing the Solar Barrier Light inside of a garage, shed, or other covered structure, the light is out of sight, out of mind, and out of the way, so to speak.

This is only one of the many amazing features of this amazingly versatile invention. In addition to the obvious use of no wiring and no moving parts, the Solar Barrier Lighting is also an extremely compact and extremely durable invention that uses no permanent power source at all. Instead, the Solar Barrier Light utilizes a rechargeable, or "AA" battery that can be replaced easily with a standard 12-volt battery... making for easy installation and reliable operation. The battery is protected by a sturdy plastic case that is designed to keep the light housing safe and secure, even when the lights are turned off and stored. The standard structure commonly used to hold the solar cells in place is also commonly used in many other applications including signs, as well as solar panels for homes and businesses.

One very unique characteristic of the Solar Barrier Light is that it consists of an extremely low profile, lightweight, and extremely efficient LED diode. The diode emits a very bright white light that can be seen from several feet away. In addition to being so bright, this light emits a soft glow that is pleasant to the eye and does not reflect off any surfaces whatsoever. Many people compare the LED diode to a fluorescent tube and have said that it has more "life" than the average incandescent bulb.

The invention also includes a switch that can be used on both the front and side of the light to turn it on and off. In addition, the switch can be used to turn the brightness of the light on and off automatically. The combination of the switch and the LED diode make this a very versatile invention that can be used to offer many different applications in the future. Right now the use of this product is limited to a small number of installations in various locations, however with successful applications in mind, the idea is one that is sure to find wider distribution within the barricade light industry.

The use of a low profile, but incredibly efficient low voltage pulse activated switch is one that was first patented in 2021 by an inventor in the United States. The technology was later adopted by the competition internationally, including Japan. There are already a variety of different companies that are able to offer different types of LED pulse activated switch products. Because of the outstanding quality and reliability of this particular product, there is no doubt that the company will continue to innovate and provide consumers with the very best products available to help them improve their security and home security systems.

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