Expandable Road Barriers

Update: 2021/07/09

The company creates a range of expandable road barriers […]

The company creates a range of expandable road barriers products including, fix, retractable, erect, roller and semi-erect road barriers. Retractable roadblocks are available in both bold and angle types. Roller barriers consist of a frame with four arms and the frame can be extended or retracted during operation. Semi-erect barriers have two sides and offer the flexibility of opening either side while retaining the integrity of the underlying deck. Fix ones are available in both bold and angle types and fixed-width versions are also available. These types of barrier are ideal for temporary applications.

All of the materials used in the manufacturing process are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. All products are manufactured in Canada using the highest quality components and in accordance with CPB (continental sealawares). Each individual material is carefully selected to suit each client's specifications. All the packaging details are provided in accordance with Canadian Standard 7 grades and all products are manufactured to the highest standards.

The company is committed to providing its customer with the best quality and most contemporary safety products that meet or exceed government requirements. All the products are manufactured according to international standards and are engineered with heavy duty engineering. The company works closely with health and safety organizations to ensure that the products are consistently examined for conformance to safety standards. The company also ensures that all its dealers keep high quality accreditation. The company offers installation and repair services and sells a comprehensive line of personal protective equipment and safety products.

The company offers a complete line of personal protective equipment and safety products for the safety of employees working in hazardous areas. It has a wide range of safety helmets including disposable full face helmets, polycarbonate ones, safety glasses, hard hats and protective gloves. It also sells other accessories such as seat belts, grab handles, safety harnesses etc. The company sells a full line of safety equipment and personal protective products such as industrial and construction wear, hazardous waste disposal and first aid kits. It sells a collection of safety flag signs, warning labels, floor and ceiling decals and safety posters. It also sells safety films and tapes.

The company also manufactures a full range of PVC safety handrails and fittings and sells PVC safety signs and labels. They also manufacture a full range of PVC Plastic Bumpers and Plumbers. It sells a complete range of PVC pipe fittings including terminate fittings, joint fittings, water couplings and water control valves. It sells a range of plastic tubing and connector fittings and a complete range of pvc pipe clamps and repair kits.

The company manufactures and sells a complete line of plastic covered walkway covers and vinyl covered walkways. They also manufacture and sell PVC safety signs and labels. They have a huge range of rubber handrails with different sizes and colors to suit different building requirements. It is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber handrails and pvc fittings in India. It supplies rubber handrail kits and fittings to commercial building and residential projects.

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