How to establish and improve the road traffic safety warning system

Update: 2020/12/18

A traffic safety warning system should be established a […]

A traffic safety warning system should be established and improved

We cannot ignore, let alone deny, the important role of establishing a complete set of traffic safety warning system in modern traffic management. The author defines the traffic safety warning system as all media and methods that can prompt, persuade, and alert people to people's traffic behavior from the visual, auditory, and tactile senses, and guide people to a certain extent in law-abiding and civilized traffic, thereby maintaining the traffic safety of themselves and others Collection. This collection can be understood in a broad and narrow sense. In a broad sense, it includes statutory (national standard) traffic safety warning signs, traffic accident case photo exhibitions, media reports, etc.; in a narrow sense, it specifically refers to statutory traffic safety warning signs.

A brief analysis of existing warning signs

Statutory traffic safety warning signs, such as no-stop signs, no-go signs, speed limit signs, steep slope signs, sharp bend signs, triangle warning signs, and text signs of "locations prone to accidents", etc. For a long time, these signs have been standing on the side of the road, single in shape, poor in content, and old-fashioned with no "viable". In the eyes of traffic participants, especially motorized vehicle drivers, it seems to be "old yellow flowers", irrelevant objects or furnishings.

Conception of Establishing and Improving Traffic Safety Warning System

Under the premise that the law does not prohibit it, a new traffic safety warning sign system should be established and improved "led by statutory traffic safety warning signs and supplemented by supporting installations". The "supporting settings" here mainly indicate the addition of relevant accident case materials and warning words, that is, a new warning sign system formed by integrating the "resources" of relevant traffic safety warning signs to enrich the system and the warnings of its individual elements Content and warning penetration.

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