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Update: 2021/05/08

As an important sign of road traffic safety, traffic si […]

As an important sign of road traffic safety, traffic signs provide citizens with clear, intuitive, and easy-to-understand traffic information, thereby ensuring everyone's travel safety and smoothness, and greatly playing its role in traffic road safety. Practice has proved that reasonably set up traffic signs can improve roads and traffic, reduce traffic accidents, prevent traffic jams, save energy, reduce pollution, and beautify the environment along and around the road.

The construction process of general traffic signs is: foundation positioning and stakeout → pit excavation → foundation concrete pouring → sign post installation → sign board installation.

Staking out the basic positioning of traffic signs
The setting of traffic signs must be advanced, and the driver must have enough time to react and make correct judgments. When the driver sees the sign, he will follow the route provided by the sign to take corresponding actions. They are all processed through several information points of perception, judgment, and manipulation.
Therefore, in order to ensure that the role of the signs can be fully exerted, signs should be set in advance, especially some warning signs. The distance from the dangerous point should be confirmed according to the calculated driving speed, and it should not be less than the stopping sight distance.

Before construction, according to the design of the construction and the drawings, the control pile points on the site and the actual terrain and ground conditions should be used to set out the construction of the sign position, confirm the plane position of the traffic sign foundation, and the sign post. Location, if there are other facilities, structures, high-voltage lines, and some trees on the road that obstruct the sign layout. So when you want to install, choose an open location to install.

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