Analysis of the current situation and countermeasures of road traffic safety

Update: 2020/12/26

The status quo of road traffic safety in my country As […]

The status quo of road traffic safety in my country

As of the end of 2015, my country's highway mileage has reached 4,675,300 kilometers, of which 121,000 kilometers of expressways. Similar to the experience of western developed countries, with the continuous increase in the mileage of highways open to traffic, the road traffic safety situation is increasingly severe. In recent years, the number of deaths from traffic accidents in my country has continued to rank first in the world. Judging from the development history of developed countries, my country is currently in the middle of the process of socialist industrialization, and the construction of road facilities, the number of motor vehicles and the occurrence of road traffic accidents are all in a period of rapid growth. Moreover, this period will continue for several years. Due to my country's vast territory, large population, and uneven economic development between regions, the issue of traffic safety will be a considerable problem for several years.
Countermeasures to reduce traffic accidents

From the above analysis, we can see that the current road traffic safety situation in my country is severe, and certain countermeasures must be taken to improve the current situation and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. This can be done from the following aspects: 1) Increase publicity and improve safety awareness. Improving people's traffic safety awareness is the basis for reducing traffic accidents. First, increase the publicity of relevant laws and regulations and traffic accidents that have occurred, so that people can fully understand traffic laws and realize the serious consequences that may be caused by non-compliance; second, increase the punishment for violations and improve people The cost of illegal violations requires not only penalties for drivers’ violations of the law, but also penalties for pedestrians’ violations to fundamentally curb the occurrence of violations. 2) Improve road traffic conditions. Improving road conditions requires long-term efforts and cannot be accomplished overnight. Mainly to increase the mileage of high-level highways and improve traffic conditions. Pay attention to the rationality of road design when building new roads, and reduce the influence of design factors on drivers. 3) Strengthen management. Reasonable management can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, which can be started from the following aspects: ①Improve laws and regulations, so that police have rules and laws to follow when law enforcement; ②Strengthen the configuration of police and basic facilities to improve Conditions for law enforcement; ③Strengthen the management of vehicles, avoid the "three noes", eliminate vehicles on the road, and reduce potential safety hazards.

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