Vehicle traffic safety

Update: 2020/12/30

1. Improve the driver’s awareness of vehicle maintenanc […]

1. Improve the driver’s awareness of vehicle maintenance and do a good job in daily vehicle maintenance
Everyone knows that if vehicle maintenance is in place in time, the failure rate of the vehicle will be greatly reduced, and the safe driving performance of the vehicle will also be improved. First of all, we set the vehicle as far as possible to use it, so that the driver can find the abnormal situation of the driving vehicle as soon as possible at any time. Secondly, the management of vehicle loan and use is strictly enforced. In principle, no loan is allowed. Vehicle loan under special circumstances must be approved by the department leader.

2. Improve various safety measures based on the characteristics of the enterprise
In view of the internal production characteristics of the enterprise, for example, although the vehicle is not traveling at a high speed, in the process of transferring parts, the driver and the shipper are often affected by the cost of transportation or the influence of laziness. For this reason, we have strengthened inspections during important periods in key areas, security personnel are responsible for each area, and management personnel use monitoring facilities to check the existence of such phenomena. Vehicles with hidden dangers shall be rectified and punished to strictly prevent the occurrence of various traffic and safety accidents.

3. Pay attention to the management of vehicles and drivers of foreign cooperation units
Through the weekly production meeting, all middle-level cadres will be educated on traffic laws, emphasizing the principle of territorial management, and unit leaders for violations. Regular meetings of the heads of outsourcing units are held to learn the traffic management system in the factory and report typical violations and accident cases.

4. Continuously revise and improve the system and strengthen its execution
In the first month of the beginning of each year, we will combine the problems found in the work of the previous year, check for deficiencies, and revise and improve the traffic safety system. The system is aimed at different models (forklifts, battery trucks, trucks, tractors, private cars, etc.) for driver safety The driving precautions are clarified, and then various management systems are supplemented based on the fixed operation or driving area of ​​each type of vehicle and the characteristics of the parts carried.

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