Necessity of Publicity of Road Traffic Safety Law

Update: 2021/01/09

1 Significance and research background of road traffic […]

1 Significance and research background of road traffic safety law publicity

Traffic management has three pillars: infrastructure, laws and regulations, and publicity and education. Infrastructure construction provides a good prerequisite for road traffic management, laws and regulations provide guarantees for traffic management, and traffic safety publicity and education lay a good ideological foundation for traffic management. Traffic safety publicity and education is a long-term basic work and a socialized systematic project. With the rapid development of economic construction, road traffic has entered a period of rapid development, and it has also entered a stage of frequent accidents. The road traffic safety situation is becoming increasingly severe, and the importance and necessity of traffic safety publicity and education are obvious. Traffic safety publicity is a publicity and education activity to reduce road traffic accidents and reduce the number of traffic accident casualties. It is the core content of road traffic safety governance. Its essence is to regulate the behavior of road traffic participants and improve the fault tolerance rate of road traffic. Many experts and scholars have conducted a lot of research on this from various angles.

2 Traffic safety situation

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, since the appearance of the first car, the number of deaths caused by it has exceeded the total number of deaths in the two world wars. At present, the number of road traffic deaths in my country ranks first in the world. In 2016, the death rate per 100,000 people caused by traffic accidents in my country reached a staggering 45.6, far exceeding the world average of 18.2. Traffic violations caused by overloading, speeding, fatigue driving, and drunk driving are the reasons for this situation, and the number of traffic accidents caused by these behaviors is increasing, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. It can be seen that the number of traffic accidents and the number of deaths from traffic accidents are basically the same. Since 2015, the number of traffic accidents has generally been on the rise; the death toll from traffic accidents has basically stabilized at around 63,000 since the rapid increase in 2015, and the death toll is still relatively high. Therefore, the current traffic safety situation in my country is still severe. 1.3 Demand for road traffic safety information As of March 2019, the number of vehicles in my country has reached 330 million and the number of drivers has reached 410 million. Large-scale vehicles driving on the road will inevitably increase the possibility of traffic accidents. In addition, many drivers who have not gone out of the internship period or foreign drivers are not familiar with the road conditions, or are driving in severe weather such as wind and snow. Influence, forcing them to urgently need to know the road condition information in advance. Therefore, the use of network maps or clients operated by various traffic management departments to release road condition information came into being, which can basically meet people's needs for road condition information.

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