Briefly introduce the use of parking lot transportation facilities!

Update: 2021/03/18

The use of underground parking lot transportation facil […]

The use of underground parking lot transportation facilities is very critical. The role of transportation facilities and how to use these facilities directly affect the safe use of parking lots. What kind of underground parking lot transportation facilities are there? How to use them? What is the scope of use today? I will explain to you how several transportation facilities are used!

1. Indication signs for parking lot traffic facilities
The parking lot sign is made of high-quality aluminum plate pasted with reflective film. Parking lot signs are generally used to guide vehicles or pedestrians to walk correctly inside and outside the parking lot. The colors are mostly blue backgrounds and white patterns. The shapes are divided into circles, rectangles and squares. The signs of underground parking lots are usually nailed or hung on the wall, which is simple and convenient to install.

2. Parking lot marking   
The parking space sign is a concrete manifestation of standardized parking and reasonable use of parking lots. Parking space marking specifications: large parking space 6000×2500 mm, standard parking space 5000×2500 mm, small parking space 4000×2200 mm, and parking space marking width 15cm. The length of the guide arrow is 3m. Hot melt coating or room temperature coating is used, and the marking color is white or yellow.

3. Wheel locator
The wheel locator is made of high-purity rubber, the specification is 560*160*110mm, and two sets are used in combination. Installed at the rear of the parking space 1 meter away from the front, so that the driver can safely and quickly lead the car into a fixed area to avoid improper reversing

4. Corner protection
The corner protector is made of natural rubber, the specification is 800*100*6mm, and it is installed in the corner where it is easy to scratch with the vehicle. The lower end is 15cm from the ground, and it is fixed with expansion bolts. It plays a very good buffering role when the vehicle and the corner of the wall are scratched, reducing the damage of the vehicle.

5. Wide-angle lens
The wide-angle lens is also called a convex lens, the mirror surface is made of PC material, and the lens back is made of engineering plastic ABS. The specifications are Ф600 and Ф800. They are installed in places where vehicles are prone to collisions at turning points. The height is 1600-1800mm from the ground. The reflection principle of mirrors is used to enable vehicles to see vehicles in other directions.

6. Speed ​​bump
The rubber speed bump is made of high-quality rubber with a specification of 500x370x50mm. Set in the parking lot where the vehicle needs to slow down, attract the attention of the driver, and let the driver slow down. The rubber deceleration road arch is in accordance with the international traffic sign regulations, using standard yellow and black, with bright colors and easy to identify.

The above is an introduction to the use of transportation facilities in the underground parking lot. The construction of an underground parking lot should not only start with the construction design, but also pay attention to the selection of professional equipment. The combination of the two can ensure the establishment of a qualified parking lot that meets safety standards. 

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