The production and processing flow of road traffic signs

Update: 2021/03/26

Road traffic signs are very important traffic facilitie […]

Road traffic signs are very important traffic facilities on the road, so do you know the production method and processing process? We have made the following summary for everyone, so that everyone has a certain understanding of the production of signs:

(1) Bottom plate making
Most of the text and graphic plate making of road signs use phototypesetting and photographic plate making. First, a single original plate is made, and then a continuous exposure machine is used to make the plate. During the imposition, the non-spacing imposition and the spacing imposition can be used according to the required accuracy of the parts.

(2) Positioning
The rules for making the silk screen printing plate of road signs are the technological means to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of the position of the graphics on the surface of the same printed workpiece and to meet the accuracy requirements of color overprinting. Depending on the material and shape of the substrate, the positioning methods for silk-screened road signs are also different.

(3) Blending of ink
The requirements for the screen printing ink used in the production of metal road signs are strong adhesion, good abrasion resistance, clear graphics after printing, fast drying and unsealing. Metal sign screen printing oil is generally a special ink made of synthetic resins such as alkyd and phenolic resins as the binder, adding some pigments and additives.

(4) Quality requirements for silk-screened signs
The words, scales, graphics, positioning holes and colors of the silk screen printed on road traffic signs should meet the requirements of the drawings. The surface of the finished product should be free of obvious scratches or stains. The adhesion of the ink film should meet the requirements.

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