Choosing High Impact Traffic Posts For Your Concrete Patio Or Home

Update: 2021/08/21

The Delineator Post is an online traffic control device […]

The Delineator Post is an online traffic control device for road safety. This amazing tool uses a magnetic post that posting signs, cones, and lights on the road so that vehicles can see them. The Delineator also helps drivers understand how to obey the posted speed limits along the road. These signs and cones help drivers stay safe and prevent accidents. It is the fastest and most efficient way to ensure that traffic remains flowing smoothly.

The Delineator has an electronic control switch that makes it easy to use. It can be used by any driver that has a license. The dimensions of this unit is one inch by three inches. This will give you enough space to post three cones with a good amount of width between each one. There is no need for cutting boards or string.

This product was designed for a variety of conditions, not only a temporary one. The dimensions were designed to withstand U.V. rays, extreme heat, and heavy snow. It has three posts that are designed with weather stripping for resisting UV rays and other elements.

It is made from a heavy duty stainless steel to withstand the toughest conditions in the traffic safety industry. It has a double sided magnetic readout that easily identifies the difference between the posted speed limit along the highway. The Delineator also includes a heavy duty warning strip to indicate that the speed limit has been exceeded.

The Delineator has a clear face that can be wiped clean if grease, dirt, or water has been logged on it. The Delineator has three pre-drilled holes at the top of the unit for mounting. There is also a five pound galvanized steel hexagon rubber base to increase the mounting stability. The ten pound octagon rubber bases have been designed to resist impact, crushing, and general abuse from traffic. All of the parts are completely covered with a three dimension black plastic shield to protect them from debris, and will not leak air when filling with fuel.

The Delineator comes complete with four foot perforated high performance aluminum diamond plates to provide optimum performance and longevity. Four foot reflective collars are included to assist in avoiding excessive speeding. The reflective tape has an easy to remove, tear off adhesive backing and is easily attached to the front or rear of any vehicle with a truck mount adapter. All of the parts are powder coated to ensure the best finish possible. The Delineator Post does have a limited warranty to help protect the investment.

The Delineator Post is a one-piece project that can be quickly and easily erected and removed from a vehicle with a universal ten-foot hose. The product features a black, UV resistant polyethylene vinyl that will not crack, fray, or stretch. The rear frame is supported by the two large truck mount adapters that have been specially made to accept any type of frame. Each of the post-holders has a ten-foot hose with an integrated quick release connection. This allows you to quickly and easily remove the post from a truck or trailer.

The Delineator Post features a high intensity lens that helps reduce glare and is highly visible during the day. This is because of the high contrast between the white background and the colored blue and red stripes on the rear frame. The reflective collars are fully enclosed for maximum safety. The rear frame can withstand extreme heat and cold and has been designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. These factors make the Delineator Post an excellent choice for all kinds of highway, street, and parking lot security posts.

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