How to Protect Your Parking Wheel Stop From the Weather

Update: 2021/08/14

A Parking Wheel Stop is a device that allows vehicles t […]

A Parking Wheel Stop is a device that allows vehicles to move forward when parking or driving off the road. There are many areas that don't offer any kind of parking stops. Others just have too small wheels which make it very hard to roll the car out of the parking spot. In fact, this is probably the biggest reason why people do not put parking stops in their parking lots.

These devices were originally manufactured for commercial parking lots. They are normally made from heavy duty rubber, but they can be used in residential areas as well. The heavy duty rubber is great because it is durable and will be able to keep your car from rolling all over the parking lot. Here are some reasons why you should buy a parking wheel stop for your house.

The first reason to use a parking wheel stop for your home is so that you will not have to carry heavy duty rubber across the street. Most of the rubber that is used for parking breaks is very heavy duty and some drivers just can't handle it. Some homes even have restrictions on where tires can be driven on the street, so you may need to use a wheel stopper. This makes it very inconvenient for people to go to the store, run an errand, or even to park their cars.

Another reason to buy a Wheel Stop for your house is that it will give you a highly visible way to identify your car. People walking around the neighborhood will notice if your car is parked in a well-lit area or not. If you have a parking stopper that is yellow, there is not going to be any problem for most people saying, "Wow, what a great looking car!" Most people saying this have no idea that the car stops actually help keep the street safe.

Finally, parking stoppers are great because they save money. Most people spend a lot of money on parking meters. These start at $.50 per day and some people have to pay up to $70 a day! Even if you only break even on one meter, that adds up to a lot of money over time. Not only do parking barriers keep people from running through your grass and destroying your flowers, they also prevent you from spending money on those things and on paying someone to watch your parking lot. This is a great investment!

So, now that we know why they are a necessity, let's talk about where you can get them. One of the places I would suggest is to check out your local hardware store. They should have a large selection of cheap, low-cost curb wheel accessories. Not only will they have the basic necessities, such as black cones for feet and a wheel stop sign, but they should have many more options available such as recycled rubber wheels and a reusable curb stick.

When it comes to shopping online, you have two options. You can either order a basic set of parking barriers or you can buy a complete kit with everything you need. If you are going to order a set of Curb Wheel Stops, make sure you check for available colors, as well as if they are heavy duty rubber curb markers. Often times, people will order a set of these items online only to find out that they don't fit their car.

In order to make your Parking Wheel Stops much more useful, you should also buy some larger yellow cones. The larger the yellow cones, the more the parking barrier will be able to hide. Make sure that you also get some black and red ones, as well as a set of very large parking signs.  Rubber parking curb 72 long is highly visible and easy to use, you may find that you want more accessories to make your Parking Wheel Stops look more complete.

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