The importance of transportation facilities to urban development

Update: 2020/11/20

With the development of economy and the progress of soc […]

With the development of economy and the progress of society, people’s life is getting faster and faster, but the fast-paced life brings a series of factors that restrict urban development. Among them, the transportation facilities in the infrastructure construction of urban development have played Quite a big role!
The importance of transportation facilities is as follows:
1. Improve the traffic environment, increase traffic capacity, and optimize the traffic environment. Road traffic safety facilities are displayed graphically with maps, text and lights to provide traffic participants with a visual traffic environment and effective traffic guidance. Guidelines, warnings and prohibitions. Crossing guide arrows, lanes, crosswalks and other markings play an important role in guiding vehicles to turn appropriately and move on the road. Speed ​​limits, prohibitions, one-way, taxis, temporary bus parking spaces and other signs remind vehicles to drive normally and reduce random parking. Solar yellow flashing lights, speed bumps and accident-prone area signs are used to warn drivers to drive safely. To a certain extent, prohibit road safety barriers, motor and non-motor vehicle lane separation barriers, and avoid reversing and mixing motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles.
2. Traffic facilities manufacturers believe that traffic facilities can curb traffic accidents, embodying people-oriented, high-level care for life. The road traffic environment consists of three parts: people, vehicles and roads. People are the core of the entire road system. Every accident has a close relationship with people. Analyze the cause of the accident. Most of them are fatigue driving, drunk driving, improper operation, and lateral driving caused by human factors such as wearing on the street. If education and punishment are used alone, reducing the incidence of personal accidents will be too powerful. After all, people are inherently unreliable and cannot expect to make mistakes through training and management, especially when the country enters the automotive industry. In the early days, driver's operation errors were an inevitable trend. The cause of the accident does not necessarily lead us to directly propose remedial measures. We should look for effective measures from other factors. Perfecting and improving road safety facilities is one of the longer, more economical and more effective measures. In recent years, the extensive investigation and rectification of accidents and incidents carried out by traffic management departments at all levels has become a strong proof. Improvements have been made to traffic signs and signal lights, which are not obvious and poorly understood, and yellow flashlights have been installed at accident risk points. After setting up speed bumps and strengthening isolation and protection measures, accidents showed a clear downward trend.
3. Traffic police detection is a dynamic management, and we believe that road traffic safety facilities are static management, and the combination of dynamic and static forms a complete traffic management. If only the dynamic management of traffic police is far from enough, imagine that traffic police are limited. The traffic police cannot see this place. After the traffic police are off duty, the traffic order depends on who manages and who manages. It can be seen that traffic safety facilities are "traffic policemen who never laid off their jobs." It assists the traffic police to regulate traffic behaviors, through traffic information, forms a mutually complementary consortium, supplementing the management of the road police force.
4. With the rapid growth of people flow, traffic and logistics, traffic safety facilities are increasingly used as non-law enforcement measures in the field of traffic management. Their performance is also controlled by simple signs, markings and signals. With the development of electronic monitoring technology and intelligent signal technology, if the improvement of traffic safety facilities is an inevitable trend in the development of traffic management and urban construction, the improvement of technical content is the development direction of improving traffic safety facilities.

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