Detailed introduction of traffic baton

Update: 2020/11/14

When we are driving at an intersection, we will always […]

When we are driving at an intersection, we will always see the traffic police holding a traffic baton to direct traffic there. Today we will introduce to you in detail this baton used to clear congestion.
Traffic baton, flashing mode: flashing electro-optical red light traffic baton, suitable for traffic command, field instructions, evacuation guidance and other environments;
Red specification: total length 53.5cm top diameter: 4cm and 3cm handle diameter: 4cm
Length of two AA batteries luminous tube: 33.5cm
Green specification: full length 55cm top diameter: 4cm handle diameter: 3.8cm
Length of luminous tube of three AA batteries: 33.5cm
Press the switch on the handle to emit light, press twice to flash, and press again to turn off
The traffic baton can be used in road traffic and population concentrated areas as a traffic evacuation command. Its structure is composed of injection-molded ABS handle switches, PCB circuits, LED light-emitting diodes and PC polycarbon tubes. Its structure is compact, and the arrangement is reasonable. The light indication can be seen from 1000 meters away.
This product fully embodies the product of the modern era, and plays a leading role in current traffic safety, achieving the purpose of controlling traffic and evacuating vehicles.
Straight signal, left turn signal and stop signal.

Finally, I hope everyone can abide by the traffic order, so that our traffic system will not be so disordered, and the traffic police will not be so busy.

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