What are the monitoring devices for traffic lights

Update: 2021/02/26

The traffic signal display system is an important branc […]

The traffic signal display system is an important branch of traffic construction. With the development of traffic intelligence, timely guidance of traffic signal display systems has become particularly important. Today's traffic signal manufacturers have relatively simple investigation procedures for traffic signal display systems, and these procedures have not been widely used. The following design and development of the two measuring devices required for the production of medium-sized signal lamps are also possible:
1. Light-emitting diode light-emitting display circuit board measurement device for traffic signal lights: (1) Large-scale light-emitting diode digital tube printed circuit board measurement device; (2) Round light-emitting diode traffic signal light printed circuit board measurement device.
Second, the luminous intensity test device for the reference axis of the traffic signal light: When investigating the display function of the signal light countdown device, the manufacturer of the traffic signal found an abnormal situation with low effectiveness of manual investigation and high error rate. They designed a large-scale printed circuit board measuring device to measure the stroke of the LED digital tube. The measuring device is mainly composed of a two-way display interactive part and a mechanical self-locking transmission interactive part. It is convenient to perform display switching test on different types of colored lights on the printed circuit board, avoiding the control process of manual positioning measurement on the production line, and improving the practicability of the measurement.

In view of the different voltage specifications and models of the circular light-emitting diode traffic signal light printed circuit board, the probe is used as the test contact, and different power supply positions are combined. The invention utilizes the voltage AC module and the switch to display defects such as false welding, desoldering, missing welding, short circuit, component failure and the like on the circuit board, and realizes semi-automatic betrayal of welding quality.

According to the luminous intensity of foreign traffic signal lights, a test device for reference luminous intensity of traffic signal lights is designed. The electrical design and mechanical structure design of the device have been completed, and a prototype that can accurately measure the luminous intensity of various traffic lights on parallel optical axes has been developed.

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