Outdoor Convex Mirrors

product name: Outdoor Convex Mirrors

classification: Convex Mirrors

1. For external purposes
2. Light weight and secure fixing
3. Made of  polycarbonate convex lens which is damage resistant

4. Not affected by any type of light ray.

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product details

Ideal for blind spots, hidden corners, stores of every type, parking lots and garages, street, road and alley intersections, driveways, drive-up or drive-through windows, hospitals, nursing homes, child care centers, schools, factories, manufacturing, warehouse, loading docks, industrial and commercial use and much more as a guide to avoid accidentally running into someone or something.

ModelDiameterPackingQTY in outer cartonMaterial
S-1580-3030cm1pc/inner carton5pcs in 35*39*35cm cartonPC lens+ABS back
S-1580-4545cm1pc/inner carton5pcs in 48*48*47cm cartonPC lens+ABS back
S-1580-6060cm1pc/inner carton5pcs in 60*62*50cm cartonPC lens+ABS back
S-1580-8080cm1pc/inner carton1pc in 83*83*13.2cm cartonPC lens+ABS back
S-1580-100100cm1pc/inner carton1pc in 96.5*13.5*96.5cm cartonPC lens+ABS back
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