Rubber Speed Bumps & Humps

product name: Rubber Speed Bumps & Humps

classification: Speed Bumps & Humps

1. Delicate and reasonable design

2. Excellent resistant to pressure

3. Excellent anti-skid property

4. International standard

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product details

The angle design of the actual contact between the tire and the ground according to the driving of the car.

There is no strong sense of a bump when the vehicle passes through.

The surface of specially designed grooves stripes, ensure rain and snow slip weather.

Model Middle size End cap size Material Reflective sheet
S-1120 47x60x3cm 23x60x3cm UV black rubber 8pcs 11x11cm yellow or white color
S-1121 50x90x5cm 27x90x5cm UV black rubber 6pcs 11x25cm yellow or white color


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