Traffic lights

Update: 2021/01/28

Traffic lights are a class of traffic safety products. […]

Traffic lights are a class of traffic safety products. It is important to strengthen road traffic management, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, improve road capacity and improve traffic conditions. Suitable for intersections and T-junctions. It is controlled by a road traffic signal controller to guide vehicles and pedestrians to pass safely and orderly.
   1. Green light signal
  The green light signal is the permission signal. According to the "Traffic Safety Law Enforcement Regulations": When the green light is on, vehicles and pedestrians can pass, but turning vehicles are prohibited from blocking straight vehicles and pedestrians from passing.
   2. Red light signal
   The red light signal is a positive stop signal. Stop traffic when the red light is on. Right-turning vehicles can pass without hindering the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.
   The red light signal is a prohibition signal with mandatory meaning. When this signal appears, vehicles must be forbidden to stop outside the parking line, and pedestrians must be forbidden to wait on the sidewalk for release. When a motor vehicle is waiting for release, it is prohibited to turn off the engine or open the door. Drivers of various vehicles are prohibited from leaving the vehicle. When turning left, bicycles are not allowed to go around the intersection, while straight-going bicycles are not allowed to turn right around.
  3. Yellow light signal
   When the yellow light is on, vehicles that have crossed the stop line can continue to pass.
   The meaning of the yellow light signal lies between the green light signal and the red light signal. It has both a prohibited side and a permitted side. When the yellow light is on, drivers and pedestrians will be warned that the passage time is over and will immediately turn to red light. Cars should be parked behind the parking line, and pedestrians are not allowed to enter the crosswalk. However, vehicles can continue to pass if they cross and stop due to the too close spacing and inconvenient parking. Pedestrians already on the crosswalk must either pass quickly, stay where they are, or return to where they are.
   4. Traffic light warning light
   In order to continue to flash the yellow light, remind vehicles and pedestrians to look out when passing, and pass after confirming safety. This kind of light does not have the effect of controlling traffic in advance and allowing traffic to pass. Some hang above the intersection.

  Some use yellow lights and lights only when the traffic lights stop at night to remind vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to the intersection ahead. They should advance carefully, observe carefully, and pass safely. At intersections with flashing lights warning traffic lights, when vehicles and pedestrians pass, the principle of ensuring safety should be strictly observed, and the traffic rules of no traffic signal or traffic sign controlling the intersection should be observed.

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