What aspects of road traffic signal light maintenance should be focused on

Update: 2021/02/05

The setting of road traffic signal lights is very impor […]

The setting of road traffic signal lights is very important. We need to check them regularly. In this process, we should focus on the following aspects:
   (1) Irregular road traffic signal lights: composite lights are used, the traffic lights are arranged in an unreasonable order, and the red, yellow, and green lights are located improperly up and down or left and right. The countdown number color does not match the traffic light color. Insufficient brightness of traffic lights and substandard chromaticity.
   (2) Improper location, height, and angle of road traffic lights. The installation position of the traffic light is too far from the entrance stop line of the intersection or it is not easy to observe, the selection of larger intersection rods is unreasonable, the installation position exceeds the standard height or is blocked.
   (3) The phase and timing are unreasonable. Directional indicator lights are installed at some intersections with small traffic flow and no need to set up multi-phase separation traffic flow. The yellow light lasts for less than 3 seconds, the pedestrian crossing signal lights have a short time and the pedestrian crossing time is insufficient.
   (4) The traffic signal lights are not in harmony with the marking lines. The indication information of traffic lights is inconsistent with the indication information of signs and markings, or even contradictory.

   (5) Road traffic lights are not set up according to the conditions. At intersections, there are heavy traffic flow and conflict points, but no signal lights are installed; auxiliary lights are not installed at intersections with heavy traffic flow and conditions; pedestrian crossings are drawn at light-controlled intersections, but crosswalk signal lights are not installed; second pedestrian crossings are not installed according to conditions Signal light.
   (6) The signal light is faulty. The signal light cannot be displayed normally, which causes the signal light to not light up and display a single color for a long time.
   (7) The supporting traffic signs are missing. Where road traffic signal lights control intersections and road sections should be marked or marked, there is no or lack of installation or marking.
The correct setting of road traffic signal lights can reduce traffic congestion. Therefore, after the setting is completed, they should be checked regularly, and certain adjustments should be made according to the traffic flow at the intersection.

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