Turning rules of LED traffic lights

Update: 2021/03/05

In order to facilitate traffic, many intersections have […]

In order to facilitate traffic, many intersections have set up LED traffic lights, which can effectively help us improve traffic conditions and relieve traffic pressure. But when passing LED traffic lights, you need to follow certain rules in passing, turning, turning, and lighting. So what are the steering rules for LED traffic lights?
Traffic rules for turning left in the waiting area:
1. When the straight ahead and left turn signal lights are red, the motor vehicle should wait for the release signal at the intersection stop line.
2. When the left turn signal turns green, vehicles waiting in the waiting area should pass through the intersection quickly.
3. When the straight line is green and the left turn is red, the left-turning vehicle can enter the waiting area and wait for the release signal.

Traffic rules for turning right:
1. Pay attention to the angle when turning right. If you turn the steering wheel too small, you will drive to the side of the road. And pay attention to the different details of turning at different intersections. Generally speaking, the turns at small intersections should be larger, and the turns at large intersections should be smaller.
2. When there is no right turn arrow LED traffic light, it will be more difficult to turn than the right turn arrow light. At this time, there are bicycles and pedestrians going straight on the right. Although right-turning can also be turned, the right-turning vehicle has no right of way, which adds a certain degree of difficulty to right-turning. The new driver needs to downshift before turning right and turn on the right turn light in advance. Generally speaking, a section where multiple people control the vehicle speed is more suitable for downshifting. If the road is very congested or unskilled, you can reduce one gear to avoid direct cycling and pedestrians on the right.
3. When there is a right turn arrow LED traffic light intersection, you need to stop on the stop line when you encounter the arrow signal light. When the green light is on, you still need to observe the right-turning pedestrian before turning right. When you turn to the right at a 45-degree angle, you need to look at the mirror and pay attention to bicycles and pedestrians going straight. Do not press the line when turning. If there is a bicycle going straight, it is a safe turning interval that yields or exceeds 10 meters.

When we are at an intersection with LED traffic lights, we must follow the instructions of the indicator lights. This is not only our responsibility, but also the responsibility of others.

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